Wurm Unten
Name Wurm Unten
Nation of Origin Dorssia Military Pact Federation
Pilot Fadar
Armament Long Sword Raven
Shield with 10 x Replacement Blade
2 x Hooked Hand Claws
First Appearance
Novel Kakumeiki Valvrave: Undertaker (Novel)
Image Gallery

The Wurm Unten is a version of the Wurm Oben that appeared in the Undertaker sidestory. Its name means "Worm Below" in German. It is piloted by the brigadier general Fadar. Like the Wurm Oben, it closely resembles the smaller mecha that serve as the Dainsrave's limbs.

It appears to combine with the Wurm Oben to create the Lind Wurm.


  • Long Sword Raven
  • Shield with 10 x Replacement Blade
The shield can store not only the Long Sword Raven, but ten spare blades for the sword as well.
  • 2 x Hooked Hand Claws
Attached to each of the hands are a pair of hooked blades, these appear to be used in the combined Lind Wurm form.


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