Valvrave the liberator Official Fan Book
Valvrave the liberator Official Fan Book
Release Date August 31, 2013
Pages 96
ISBN 9784056100846
Cover Character Haruto Tokishima and L-elf

Valvrave the liberator Official Fan Book (革命機ヴァルヴレイヴ OFFICIAL FAN BOOK (GAKKEN) Kakumeiki Valvrave Official Fan Book GAKKEN MOOK) is the official guidebook for the anime series Kakumeiki Valvrave.


This book features the fan book for the series Valvrave the Liberator. It includes an image gallery, character profiles and concept designs, story digest, episode guide 1 to 12, screen caps, interviews, and more.

Includes: A fold out poster.

Pages of the Fan BookEdit

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