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The Valvraves are a group of powerful machines that were discovered at JIOR Module 77.


Valvrave Emblem
The Valvraves were created as part of the VVV Project, a development plan initiated by JIOR to create mobile super-weapons that could single-handedly destroy enemy fleets. It is the first humanoid weapon equipped with the "Primate Frame." What is known, however, is that the "RAVE Engine" residing within each of the Valvraves are powered by Rune, an entirely different form of energy than those powering the mechs of ARUS and Dorssia. This power not only allows the Valvraves to move, but also powers their weapons and even serves as a propulsion system, manifesting in the form of Hard Afterglow. While Valvrave I and Valvrave II are equipped with the RAVE engine, the other Valvrave units carry a Mirror RAVE engine, which are replicas of the original and are dependent on the original for power.

The Valvraves are superior to conventional war machines in every sense, with the exception of very quick overheating as their only drawback. When a Valvrave is overheated, indicated by the heat meter reaching 100, all functions will stall until the Valvrave is sufficiently cooled. Without external heat-dissipating apparatuses, they can only be operated for minutes in intense combat, and made even shorter if the Valvrave takes severe punishment.

Efforts are made to remedy the overheating problem, among them being the Impact Boosters and the Ardor Grip, which has the additional effect of boosting offensive capabilities, which in turn ironically, relies on overheating the Valvrave. Heat absorbed is channeled to the heat cartridges which would then be ejected. 200 years later, a more effective and portable way of dissipating heat is developed in the form of water balls, where a near-overheating Valvrave burst them over its head and a flush of water rains down on the machine, cooling it entirely and turning down the heat meter to zero in a matter of seconds.

It should also be noted that the Valvraves were referred to as "entities" by Cain at one point, sparking rumors that extraterrestrial technology (or even lifeforms) were used in their creation. "Valvrave" is an acronym for "VAmpire Link Vessel Rune Activate Vital Engine." The emblem on the Valvrave's armor sections depicts a three-legged raven.

The Valvraves each possess a special operating system in which anyone who enters a unit that does not have a pilot is shown the question "Do you resign as a human being?" on the interface screen. If the person in question answers "no" (or if the question is left unanswered) the Valvrave will not activate. In addition to becoming the pilot, the first person to answer "yes" will be transformed into a "Magius" and granted full Magius abilities, among them being phenomenal regenerative powers as well as the ability, coined as jacking, to transfer their consciousness into other people by biting their bare skin. Many see this as a contract of sorts. Valvrave I's OS features a unique guide program that shows a mysterious woman.

While initial speculation suggests that a Valvrave can only be piloted by the first person contracted, seen in season 1 where an ARUS pilot being dissolved trying to take Valvrave I, this is dis-proven in season 2, where Haruto is shown to actually be the second person piloting Valvrave I. The injection does not turn an ordinary human being into a Magius, but instead initiates a Homo Sapien Novus, turning one into a full Magius. Thus, instead of being restricted to all but first pilots, the use of Valvraves are restricted only to the Magius.

In the far future, the Valvraves and their pilots are known as the Golden Seven.

Known ValvravesEdit

Designation No. Unit Type Pilot Image

RM-011 Valvrave I (Hito)

Close-Range Combat Unit

Marie Nobi (Test Pilot)

Haruto Tokishima

Shoko Sashinami

Valvrave 1 Active - Front

RM-011 (FI) Valvrave I (Full Impact Mode)

Heavy Close-Range Combat Unit

Haruto Tokishima

Shoko Sashinami

Valvrave 1 full impact

RM-020 [FREEZE] Valvrave II (Tekka) "Dainsleif"


Next Generation Combat Unit Cain Dressel
RM-020 Valvrave II

RM-KG2 Valvrave II2 (Cahen)

All-Range Combat Unit Nao Ota

RM-031 Valvrave III (Hikaminari) "Nobu Lightning"


Long-Range Bombardment Unit Raizo Yamada
Valvrave Three

RM-047 Valvrave IV (Hinowa) "Carmilla"

High-Mobility Assault Unit Saki Rukino
Valvrave Four

RM-056 Valvrave V (Hiuchiba) "Beast High"


Defensive Medium-Range Combat Unit Kyuma Inuzuka
Valvrave Five

RM-069 Valvrave VI (Hiasobi)

Electronic Warfare Unit Akira Renbokoji
Valvrave Six

RM-KG1 Valvrave VII (Kakaiju)

Short-Range Combat Unit Jin Hinomoto


  • The emblem on all of the Valvraves armor sections depicts a three-legged raven, the Yatagarasu. This may be a reference to the Valravn, a supernatural raven in Danish folklore.

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