The VVV (pronounced "v three") Plan is a clandestine project undertaken by the nation of JIOR. The results of the VVV Plan were the creation of the Valvraves, their RAVE Engine power source and Homo Sapiens Novus pilots. Many of the strange phenomenon created by the VVV Plan originates from the Magius.

Most, if not all of the adult population of Module 77 are soldiers dedicated to the VVV Plan who monitor the students of Sakimori Academy. Soichi Tokishima, Mitsutoshi Kitagawa, and Takumi Kibukawa are some of the scientists involved with the VVV Plan. Marie Nobi was an early test pilot during the development of the RAVE Engine.

In a way, the VVV Plan was actually meant to prepare humanity for coexistence and interactions with alien species.

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