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    A random, research for fun project that looks into the elements of Valvrave to determine deeper themes that the Valvrave series didn't really get into. I do this because Valvrave was just soo much fun even with it's flaws. This... what ever this is, is to make sense of the beautiful mess we call Valvrave The Liberator, and this is just the kind of thing I do when I attempt a Fanfiction.

    This is a work in progress so input is welcomed.

    For some reason I've drawn a notable amount of comparisons to the workings in TYPE-MOON works, like the well-known Fate/Stay Night.

    Innocent Child (Naivety) vs. Ruthlessness Adult; compromising (splitting things by Half) vs. uncompromising determination. This is exemplified by Haruto Tokishima and Shoko Sashinam…

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