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    January 26, 2014 by Meurlorg

    (1) Why does the prince in the future resemble L-elf?

    (2) How did the surviving pilot manage to live centuries piloting the machine that consumed human rune when it took less than a year to devour all of Haruto Tokishima rune?

    (1) The prince might be a genetic clone of L-elf.

    (2) ?????

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  • Meurlorg

    The memories composing the individual known as Haruto Tokishima is gone but he live on by assuming L-elf identity and inhabiting L-elf body with no recollection that he is in fact Haruto Tokishima who assumed L-elf identity in order to survive!

    During episode 24 (Season 2 episode 12 "Liberation Towards Tomorrow") we never see Haruto Tokishima returning to his original body, the fact that Haruto Tokishima original body seem to be alive momentarily at the end is because the memories that compose the individual Haruto Tokishima no longer exist.

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