It seems normal for a wiki to have more images than pages but the ratio here is overwhelming, as I'm typing this now there are 3,289 images for 54 pages.

Some aren't even used as seen here, Special:UnusedFiles.

Most of the file names aren't descriptive, take this screenshot of AkiraFile:1365787489093.jpg what scene, what episode and what season was this taken from? What will it be used for? Images should accompany text, with no indication what the image is about and where its from, it is useless, which moves me on to another issue; the use of the "Gallery" sections, they are nothing more than a dumping ground for images and fanart gets mixed in with official promotional art and screenshots too.

So I think an image policy should be implemented on this site, what images should be here and what to name them.

What are you thoughts?

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