The Prince
Name The Prince
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Family L-elf Karlstein (Ancestor)

Akira Renbokoji (Godmother)

Affiliation Magius
Occupation Prince of Third Galactic Empire
Species Unknown
Current Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Kakumeiki Valvrave: Ryuusei no Valkyrie
Anime The Heretic Activates
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Yui Horie (Japanese voice)
Max Mittelman (English voice)

 Prince (王子 Ōji?) is the royal Prince of the Third Galactic Empire and only appears in the futuristic scenes. A young boy we see with Saki and Satomi personally tutoring and watching over in the far future. To him, the events of the Valvrave anime are important historical facts. His appearance is similar to Haruto and L-elf.