The Kamitsuki Revealed
Season 2, Episode 8
Title The Kamitsuki Revealed
Abakareta Kamitsuki
Episode Information
Air date November 28, 2013
Written by Jun Kumagai
Directed by Noriyuki Nomata
Opening Song Kakumei Dualism
Ending Song Akai Memories wo Anata ni
Episode guide
Sadness is Like the Falling Snow
The Cost of Lies

The Kamitsuki Revealed (曝かれたカミツキ Abakareta Kamitsuki) is the 20th episode of Kakumeiki Valvrave and the eighth episode of Season 2. It first aired on November 28, 2013.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

Upon arriving in outer space, the Valvrave pilots manage to locate and destroy the threatening Phantom ship and return to Module 77 to a grand reception by their schoolmates. In the meantime, L-elf falls into a state of depression after learning that Lieselotte's death was inevitable. Elsewhere, Cain learns that the once peaceful Dorssian Royalists have begun staging public displays of resistance against the Dorssian Military due to Lieselotte's death. At the same time, Haruto remains burdened with all the tasks they've yet to accomplish although Kyūma tries explaining that they can only do what they can for the time being. Sometime later, Haruto visits L-elf and discovers the latter's shattered resolve. Afterwards, Shōko relays the news that ARUS and eighty-four other counties had voted to condemn Dorssia for their initial attack following pressure from the New JIORian government hence forcing Dorssia into peace talks or risk being sanctioned. The next day, ARUS President Anderson and his associates arrive in Module 77 to begin their talks and are interrupted by an international broadcast from Amadeus. Amadeus then reveals the captured Saki and executes her on live television much to the world's horror. However Saki's regenerative powers manifest, resurrecting her and disrupting the peace talks with Amadeus revealing that the Valvrave pilots are not human.



Appearance Character
1 Takumi Kibukawa
2 L-elf Karlstein
3 Marie Nobi
4 Haruto Tokishima
5 Soichi Tokishima
6 Kyuma Inuzuka
7 Lieselotte
8 Amadeus K. Dorssia
9 Jeffrey Anderson
10 Akira Renbokoji
11 Satomi Renbokoji
12 Youhei Onai
13 Iori Kitagawa
14 Midori Akaishi
15 Eri Watari
16 Takahi Ninomiya
17 Lily Yamamoto
18 Raizo Yamada
19 Shoko Sashinami
20 Rion Nanami
21 Mitsutoshi Kitagawa
22 Burnett
23 Eileen
24 Kriemhild
25 Cain
26 A-drei
27 Yusuke Otamaya
28 Toru Miyamachi
29 Seiya Kamisugi
30 Q-vier
31 X-eins
32 Saki Rukino
33 Jin Hinomoto
34 Nao Ota


Appearance Mecha
1 Sazanami
2 Walkit-class Heavy Space Cruiser
3 Nw507Be Manned Waffe
4 Nw507Un Unmanned Waffe
5 RM-069 Valvrave VI Hiasobi
6 RM-031 Valvrave III Hikaminari
7 RM-056 Valvrave V Hiuchiba
8 Er114 Ideal-class Mechanized Annihilator
9 RM-011 Valvrave I Hito
10 Erpf129-z5 Kirschbaum


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