The Hostage is Valvrave
Season 1, Episode 04
Title The Hostage is Valvrave
Hitojichi wa Varuvureivu
Episode Information
Air date May 03, 2013
Written by Ichirō Ōkouchi
Directed by Kenji Takahashi
Opening Song Preserved Roses
Ending Song Boku janai
Episode guide
L-elf's Prophecy
Sakimori Academy Sings

The Hostage is Valvrave (人質はヴァルヴレイヴ Hitojichi wa Varuvureivu) is the 4th episode of season 1 of Kakumeiki Valvrave. It first aired on May 03, 2013.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

President Jeffrey Anderson and the ARUS senate vote on obtaining the JIOR Valvrave weapon to aid in their campaign against Dorssia. Meanwhile after rejecting L-elf's contract, Haruto fails to stop Figaro from experimenting with Unit 01—resulting in the death of an ARUS pilot. The Dorssian fleet then makes an initial strike against Module 77 which prompts Figaro to prioritize his safety over the Sakimori students in a transmission intercepted by Shōko and Akira Renbokoji. Shōko then uses drastic means to inform the Student Council of Figaro's treachery and while Takahi Ninomiya distracts the ARUS representatives, Shōko, Kyūma and Yusuke Otamaya rescue Haruto. As Figaro attempts to leave, Haruto then appears and reveals his true intentions to the disbelieving student body. Having lost his patience, Figaro begins firing on the students until Haruto stops him with Unit 01. L-elf then appears within the crowd and shatters their spirit with the truth that the Dorssian forces are laying in wait outside Module 77. However Shōko proposes the idea of blackmailing both the ARUS and Dorssia with the relinquishing of Unit 01. Shōko then rallies the Sakimori students into seceding from JIOR by declaring Module 77 an independent state while the Valvrave 01 severs Module 77's connecting bridges to JIOR 01 and lifts it away from the Sphere.



Appearance Character
1 Jeffrey Anderson
2 Haruto Tokishima
3 L-elf Karlstein
4 Akira Renbokoji
5 Shoko Sashinami
6 Senator Figaro
7 Kriemhild
8 Cain
9 Kyuma Inuzuka
10 Saki Rukino
11 Aina Sakurai
12 Marie Nobi
13 Midori Akaishi
14 Youhei Onai
15 Yusuke Otamaya
16 Seiya Kamisugi
17 Toru Miyamachi
18 Iori Kitagawa
19 Eri Watari
20 Lily Yamamoto
21 Takahi Ninomiya
22 Satomi Renbokoji
23 Raizo Yamada
24 Rion Nanami
25 Juto Bansho
26 A-drei
27 H-neun
28 X-eins


Appearance Mecha
1 RM-011 Valvrave I Hito
2 Nw507Un Unmanned Waffe
3 Walkit-class Heavy Space Cruiser
4 ARUS space cruiser
5 Splicer (G-Type)
6 Er114 Ideal-class Mechanized Annihilator


"We just received the master plans from the military command. For half a year, we'll use our armed forces and simply defend our borders. During that time, we'll pour all our ressources into mass-producing this weapon. As soon as we get our hands on JIOR's secret weapon, ARUS will enter total war with Dorssia."

— Jeffrey Anderson

"Using your power and the Valvrave, my revolution can come about five years ahead of schedule. First talk to Senator Figaro. You need to get in contact with the President..."

— L-Elf

"You are my enemy! You killed me!"

— Haruto

"Don't tell anyone! Don't tell anyone about me..."

— Akira

"Making an agreement with me is your only gateway to the future. My predictions are prophecies. Was a single bit of it wrong?"

— L-Elf

"I...I've decided to protect them myself. Even if I've gotta use that cursed power."

— Haruto

"You are going to make the contract with me. When the time comes, show me the sign. I will save you. "Peace"? He's on a completely different wavelength."

— L-Elf

"Very well. Let's just leave the students behind. Prepare a fast vessel for me at the lower dock. We're getting out of here, even if it's just us and this robot. Yeah, who cares about the students? We really did come here to save you. You're just not number one on the priority list. Only people with too much time or money on their hands do volunteer work, you know? It's just a game for gratitude. It's up to us whether or not you get saved."

— Senator Figaro

"So it doesn't work unless I bite the skin? You liar! You're an adult! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

— Haruto

"Let us journey past the sun, to the capital of dawn. The world below us shall bask in our radiance. A new world, and new expriences. One day our noble dreams shall be reality. We are the star that lights the twilight. Sing to the world, brave flowers in the wasteland. Sing, crimson flowers. Sing, wherever you may find yourself."

— Takahi, Lily, Eri and various studens singing

"Tokishima Haruto. You will choose me"

— L-Elf

"Don't worry! We won't let Dorssia lay a finger on our families! Then we should blackmail them back!If they do something to our families, we'll hand over this robot to ARUS!"

"Guys, let's stop relying on others! We shouldn't rely on others, but stand on our own two legs!We're independent!We should declare our independence. Our school will become an independent state that can negociate with Dorssia and the ARUS as equals!"

— Shoko


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