Splicer (Z-Type)
Name Splicer (Z-Type)
Nation of Origin JIOR
Atlantic Ring United States (ARUS)
Pilot L-elf
Overall Height 9.5m
Overall Length 29.9m
Unit Type High Mobility Fighter
Armament Flexible Beam Gun
Sub-arm Vulcan
Rear Vulcan
First Appearance
Anime L-Elf's Prophecy
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The Splicer Z Type is an all-region mass produced fighter jet used by the JIOR and ARUS military. It shares the same core block used in other Splicer Type fighters. The infamous L-elf once piloted one of these.


  • Flexible Beam Gun
The main weapons of the Splicer-Z, and unlike traditional fighters it can fire its beam guns off-axis and even to the side of its armature array.
  • Sub-Arm Vulcan
Vulcan weapons attached to a revealable armature similar to what is found in the rear of the G-type, it is situated in the front below the Beam Guns.
  • Rear Vulcan
Small rapid fire guns useful for shooting down pursuing missiles. It appears to be at elements in the top rear of the craft, and are not on an armature like the G-type.



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