Splicer (G-Type)
Name Splicer (G-Type)
Nation of Origin ARUS
Pilot ARUS soldiers
JIOR soldiers
Overall Height 6.5m
Overall Length 25.5m
Armament 2 x Flexible Beam Gun
2 x Rear Vulcan
First Appearance
Anime The Revolutionary Transfer Student
Image Gallery

The Splicer G Type is an all-region mass produced fighter jet used by the JIOR and ARUS military fitted with primarily solid-type ordinance for bombing attacks. It shares the same core block used in other Splicer Type fighters.


  • Flexible Beam Gun
​Beam guns constructed constructed on on concealable, flexible arms; although not as robust as the Z-types beam guns.
  • Rear Vulcan
Small rapid fire guns useful for shooting down pursuing missiles. 
  • Missiles
The Splicer G appears to store at up to at least six missiles, three on each main wing but it is unknown what type of missiles these are.


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