Satomi Renbokoji
Satomi main
Name Satomi Renbokoji
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Birthday August 14th
Year Third Year
Student ID A0371
Family Mr. Renbōkōji (Father)
Mrs. Renbōkōji (Mother)
Akira Renbokoji (Sister)
Takahi Ninomiya (Wife)
Height 179cm
Zodiac Sign Leo
Blood Type A
Affiliation JIOR
Sakimori Academy
Module 77
Occupation Student
Chief Cabinet Secretary
Species Human
Current Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Kakumeiki Valvrave: Ryuusei no Valkyrie
Anime The Revolutionary Transfer Student
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Daisuke Namikawa
Image Gallery

Satomi Renbokoji (連坊小路 サトミ Renbōkoji Satomi?) is the president of the Sakimori Academy student council.

Personality & CharacterEdit

His strengths include his handsome face, leadership skill, his elegant behavior, and his uncanny talent for heightened observation. His weakness are beautiful woman and easily pressured by threats.


Satomi aimed to become top student for 3 years and a leader figure among other students but he lost to Shoko at New JIOR's prime minister election in the final moment. Later on episode 11, Satomi became the Chief Cabinet Secretary of New JIOR.

After Module 77 arrived at the moon, he went to Earth alongside with Haruto and some other students. When they entered Earth's atmosphere, Satomi made a mistake which revealed the fleet's location to the Dorssian army and put them in a dangerous battle situation. When Akira drifted away from the fleet, he resolved to save her as his atonement for not saving Akira in the past. Akira who is moved by his words, hacked the ground control radio transmissions to help the fleet's re-entry on Earth and Satomi was able to pick one coordinate from them. However, this act caused the fleet to crash land at Dorssian territory.

After the battle and the installation of the Third Galactic Empire he is shown marrying Takahi Ninomiya.


Takahi Ninomiya

Satomi is a very close friend of fellow student council member Takahi.

Akira Renbokoji

Satomi is Akira's older brother and he cares for her a lot.


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