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Sakimori Academy in 200 years

Sakimori Academy (咲森 学園 Sakimori Gakuen?) is a school located in Module 77 of the JIOR Dyson Sphere and it is where most of the main cast are from. At the start of the series the school has been open for three years.

The school has its own anthem (咲森 学園校歌 Sakimori Gakuen Kōka?) which Takahi Ninomiya and a couple of students sang to distract some ARUS representatives while Shōko, Kyūma and Yūsuke Otamaya rescued Haruto. Afterwards Shoko Sashinami rallies the students to declare their school an independent state. (Season 1: "The Revolutionary Transfer Student")

During one of Dorssia's attacks on the colony, Haruto uses Valvrave I to remove Module 77 (and Sakimori Academy inside it) from the Dyson Sphere and set it adrift in space.

As part of L-elf's plan to bring a revoution to Dorssia, he secured the school, planting traps all over. He handed over to Shoko plans for a New JIOR ordered the students to undergo mandatory conscription into the new JIOR military. With the students showing overwhelming opposition, L-elf activated the traps he secretly placed in order to pressure the students into agreeing. (Season 1: "The Revolutionary Transfer Student")

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