Runes (ルーン Rūn?) are base information particles that fuel the RAVE Engines which in turn power the Valvraves, providing them unparalleled power. The alien Magius also consist of Runes, and subsequently feed on them for survival. These are also known as Ansuz Bosons.


Runes are referred to as the smallest units of information similar to atoms [1]. Every type of information - memories, languages, DNA and so on, consist of Runes. By default, a Rune on its own is unobservable by conventional means. How Runes manage to be manipulated and why so little Runes can be transformed into so much power currently remains unexplained.

The research into Runes is the backbone behind JIOR's VVV Project. By utilizing Runes, a single Valvrave unit is capable of wiping out an entire fleet. Cain refers to the blast of energy associated with Valvrave I's "Harakiri Blade" as the "Light of Rune" [2].

Runes appear to be the source of Hard Afterglow.



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