Return to Karlstein
Season 2, Episode 3
Title Return to Karlstein
Karurusutain e no Kikan
Episode Information
Air date October 24, 2013
Written by Ichirō Ōkouchi
Directed by Daiki Nishimura
Opening Song Kakumei Dualism
Ending Song REALISM
Episode guide
Siblings in the Atmosphere
Marie Set Free

Return to Karlstein (カルルスタインへの帰還 Karurusutain e no Kikan) is the 15th episode of Kakumeiki Valvrave and the third episode of Season 2. It first aired on October 24, 2013.

Detailed SynopsisEdit

As the Dorssians discover the location of the crashed transport shuttle, the New JIORians regroup and L-elf devises a plan to obtain a new transport vehicle from the Dorssian military itself by using Saki and Akira. Meanwhile, Module 77 constructs a false Valvrave and the ARUS government uses the opportunity to pressure the Dorssians into thinking the Module houses more Valvrave Units while they wait for the Magius to make its move. Elsewhere, as L-elf leads Akira and Saki through a canyon passage, they arrive at a covert military camp called the Carlstein facility and are soon discovered by two of its agents-in-training. After easily taking them down, L-elf then has Saki and Akira possess the agents and infiltrate the base in an attempt to lure its occupants into an explosive trap beneath the canyon. Meanwhile, Marie enters the Valvrave 01 cockpit in an attempt to find out more about Haruto's miraculous healing and surprisingly discovers that the Pino AI knows her. At the same time, the Valvraves 03 and 05 successfully destroy the Dorssian Ideal Blume mobile base, but find themselves facing a new Dorssian weapon—two Kirchbaum mecha which immediately cut through the Valvrave 03. Finally, as Marie confronts Haruto on his true nature, L-elf shoots her in the head before Haruto can explain himself. However, much to their astonishment, Marie survives and stands up.



Appearance Character
1 Saki Rukino
2 The Prince
3 Satomi Renbokoji
4 Kriemhild
5 Cain
6 Raizo Yamada
7 Kyuma Inuzuka
8 Satomi Renbokoji
9 Takahi Ninomiya
10 Marie Nobi
11 Haruto Tokishima
12 Saki Rukino
13 L-elf Karlstein
14 Eri Watari
15 Lily Yamamoto
16 Seiya Kamisugi
17 Yusuke Otamaya
18 Toru Miyamachi
19 Akira Renbokoji
20 Rion Nanami
21 Shoko Sashinami
22 Midori Akaishi
23 Jeffrey Anderson
24 K-zwölf
25 Girl (K-zwölf 's partner)
26 Pino


Appearance Mecha
1 Sazanami
2 RM-069 Valvrave VI Hiasobi
3 RM-047 Valvrave IV Hinowa
4 RM-031 Valvrave III Hikaminari
5 RM-056 Valvrave V Hiuchiba
6 RM-011 Valvrave I Hito
7 Ideal (Blume)-class Mechanized Annihilator
8 Nw507Un Unmanned Waffe
9 Erpf129-z5 Kirschbaum


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