The RAVE Engine, RAVE being an acronym that stands for "Rune Activate Vital Engine", is the mysterious and central power source of the Valvraves. The RAVE engines provides power for likely all of the Valvrave's mechanisms, as seen with Clear Fossil, VLC Polymer and Senses Nerves; the most notable form of RAVE energies is Hard Afterglow. All RAVE devices are affected by thermal energy, a Valvrave itself ceases to operate when their heat counter reaches 100/100, and Valvrave I's Harakiri Blade requires a heat level of "666" to activate. This relationship with heat is also shown when the heat fins emit the excess Runes leaking from the pilot.

The only known RAVE Engines in existence are onboard Valvrave I and Valvrave II; it is unknown what kind of RAVE Engine the Kagerou Valvrave units have.

Mirror RAVEEdit

Mirror RAVE (ミラーレイヴ Mirā Reivu?) engines are replicas of a RAVE Engine, but do not seem to contain a Magius and their functionality is dependent on the original for power.

Magius & RuneEdit

Contained within a "true" RAVE engine are Magius entities, such Pino and Prue, their natural abilities are what the RAVE engine harnesses or emulates on a larger scale. Just as a Magius needs to feed on Rune, the Homo Sapiens Novus pilots needs to feed on Rune as well to fuel the RAVE Engine.