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Name Prue
Personal Information
Gender Male
Family Pino (Sister)
Affiliation Magius
Occupation Guide program of Valvrave II
Species Magius
Current Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime The Heretic Activates
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Tsubasa Yonaga
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Prue (プルー Purū?) is a character that appears in Kakumeiki Valvrave. Prue is a mysterious creature who appears as the guide program of Valvrave II. He is the older brother of Pino. While he is quite merciless in battle and appears very stern he shows a softness towards Pino.


Prue is shown at the end of episode 12 when Cain takes control over Valvrave II. After being reawakened by Cain Pino instantly grows excited and begins calling out to her "onii-san."

At the beginning of episode 13 Prue is occasionally shown during the Valvraves' battle with a serious expression on. Cain will recurringly check on the creature's status and seems pleased to see that Prue shows no shortness in endurance. When Valvrave II finally manages to overpower Valvrave I, Cain begins tearing into Haruto's Valvrave to find the Valvrave's engine. After unsealing his Valvrave's own engine, Cain watches as Prue happily floats out of his system to meet with Pino who managed to be released from hers. Both "system siblings" are about to happily meet when Prue's Valvrave begins collapsing causing him to be drawn back into his nucleus. Apparently the process is quite painful since Prue is shown to be screaming in agony as he's sucked back in.

Prue also appears to know about the national Earth factions and displays a hatred of JIORians and an annoyance with humans. 

It is confirmed in episode 19 that Pino is a Magius, and it can therefore be infered that Prue is one also. The two of them were marooned on Earth some years ago, and at some point they were seperated, with Pino being taken by the JIOR scientists for research and Prue being with Cain (after he had been jacked).

Prue works closely with the Magius Council of the 101, but he has never jacked a human body. He seems to survive inside a special containment vessel that is kept inside a bird cage. Prue, is attached to Valvrave 2, but unlike his sister, he is not restricted to the engine and he can move back and forth between there and his original vessel. 

Prue, like his sister, seems to have a physical countenance that the other Magius lack, however, it is unknown as to why.


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