Name Pino
Personal Information
Gender Female
Family Prue (Brother)
Affiliation Magius
JIOR (trapped inside VVV1)
Occupation Guide program of Valvrave I
Species Magius
Current Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime The Revolutionary Transfer Student
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Ai Kayano (Japanese voice)
Stephanie Sheh (English voice)
Image Gallery

Pino (ピノ Pino?) is a mysterious woman who appears as the guide program of Valvrave I.


Season 1Edit

Pino only appears in Haruto's Valvrave and seems to have the strongest control over him. There have been numerous times that after she made the pilot chose to abandon his humanity where she possesses him and causes him to take drastic actions. She has caused the teenager to possess other people's bodies, mainly L-elf's, and to constantly need runes. When she is in need of runes she makes Haruto lose any form of self-control and to savagely attack his peers.

Later at the end of episode 12, it was revealed that Pino has an elder brother (Prue ).

Season 2Edit

In season two, she claimed to have met and befriended  Marie Nobi, five years ago from the present date. This connection is later explored in episode 16, in which Pino explains that Marie was the test pilot of Valvrave I for three years and feeling that both were lonely, Pino proposed a friendship between the two. However, Marie had a side effect to piloting where her "limiter" was broken, which caused Marie to lose all of her memories until the point when she was dropped as a test pilot. Marie was placed as a student in the school where she stayed for two years, and Pino's system was reset.

Pino and Marie didn't meet again till two years later on a shipwrecked JIOR Earthfall recon mission where when Valvrave 1 was the only machine left during an attack by Dorssian ground forces, and Haruto is seperated from the mech, Marie decides to pilot the machine to save her friends. She does this despite knowing that it will cost her her memories. Pino warns her of her broken limiter, but Marie decides to go on anyway. In one last Harakiri attack, Marie loses all of her memories and her body goes still, her mind gone and her brain dead. Pino bids her a solemn farewell.

It is later confirmed that Pino is a Magius who, along with her brother Prue, were marooned on Earth sometime in the distant past. Sometime between then and the present, Pino was found by JIOR scientists and imprisoned inside of the Rave Engine of Valvrave 1. She is the key to how the Rave Engine works and how they created the artificial Magius, which they dubbed Homo sapiens novus.

Unlike the other Magius whose natural form is simple green wisps of energy, Pino and her brother do seem to have some kind of physical form, or at least one that can exist in a small contained enviorment. 


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