Lind Wurm
Name Lind Wurm
Nation of Origin Dorssia Military Pact Federation
Pilot Infigal
Armament 2 x Long Sword Raven
2 x Shield with 10 x Replacement Blade
4 x Hooked Hand Claws
First Appearance
Novel Kakumeiki Valvrave: Undertaker (Novel)
Image Gallery

The Lind Wurm is the apparent combined form of the Wurm Oben and Wurm Unten that appears in the Undertaker sidestory. It is piloted by Infigal.


  • Long Sword Raven
  • Shield with 10 x Replacement Blade
The shield can store not only the Long Sword Raven, but ten spare blades for the sword as well. 
  • Hooked Hand Claws
Attached to each of the Wurm Oben and Wurm Unten hands are a pair of hooked blades.
  • Maw
The head coverings of the Wurm Oben and Wurm Unten creates a monstrous jaw, each head creates the upper and lower jaw respectivly.



  • The Lind Wurm appears to be named after the Lindworm.

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