Lieselotte W. Dorssia
Name Lieselotte W. Dorssia
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday July 11th
Height 145cm
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Blood Type A
Affiliation Dorssia (royal)
Occupation Princess of Dorssia
Species Magius
Current Status Deceased
Love Interests L-elf Karlstein
First Appearance
Manga Kakumeiki Valvrave: Uragiri no Rakuin Vol 1
Anime Sakimori Academy Sings
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Aki Toyosaki
Image Gallery

Lieselotte W. Dorssia (リーゼロッテ・W・ドルシア Rīzerotte Daburyuu Dorushia?) Lieselotte was the princess of Dorssia, as well as a childhood friend of L-elf.


Lieselotte young and old character profiles

Past Lieselotte and Current Lieselotte

As a child she wore her pink hair up into two side buns. As a teenager, her hair is still kept up but now has been left down into two pigtails. Her eye color is red and she has two small markings underneath her eyes that might be used to distinguish her as royalty.

Personality & CharacterEdit

A-drei and lieselotte last edit

Lieselotte and A-drei playing together as children.

As I child she is shown to be a kind person. A-drei describes her as a person who cared little of ranks despite being one of the highest ranked royals herself. Her kindness is also shown when she saved L-elf's life even though he had just taken her hostage. She is also described as being naive. This is shown by her belief that lives could be cut in halves. Her childhood naivety is often compared to Haruto Tokishima's.


Fateful EncounterEdit

Kakumeiki Valvrave - 08 - Large 31

Lieselotte meets L-elf

She saved a 7-year old L-elf in True Calendar year 61 by giving him "half of her life," when she cut off a portion of her hair to give to him. Her small act of kindness made her an important person in L-elf's life since he had been on the run from Dorssia's soldiers. Years later, his desire for a revolution may have been spawn in an attempt to free the princess who appears to be locked up. [1]
Liselotte appearance

Lieselotte appearance

Political PrisonerEdit

Lieselotte is first seen sitting in a dark room dimly lit by the sunshine outside.[1] According to her profile found on the official website, this is because she is currently being used as a political hostage due to the military coup d'etat that took place in Dorssia 12 years ago.


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  • Her favorite food is bavarois (a German dessert).
  • She dislikes any food that is too sour or acidic.
  • Her hobby is embroidery.
  • Her weakness is blood.
  • Curiously, she is the only known Magius who has the capability of aging.


  1. Episode 8 "Princess of Light"