Jior Flag.

JIOR is a supposedly neutral republic which stands between the Dorssia Military Pact Federation and the Atlantic Rim United States. JIOR stands for "Japan and Islands of Oceanian Republic." Its member nations includes Japan, China, Korea, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, the Southeastern nations of Africa (including Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Chad, the Congo, Tanzania, and Mozambique), Antarctica, and others. While the ARUS is the world's most powerful economy and Dorssia has the world's most powerful military, JIOR would seem to be the most technologically advanced.

Its successor republic is New JIOR based on Module 77.


Power Distribution Map.


A mysterious part of JIOR that developed the Valvraves for the VVV Plan .


Officially JIOR does not maintain a notable military, if any at all, and instead pays trespassers of their territory to leave. What few official military forces they do have consists of Splicer fighters and small naval warships used within a Dyson Sphere's Module.

In truth most, if not all, of the adult population of Module 77 are soldiers dedicated to the VVV Plan, which involves the development of the Valvraves as well as the observation of the students attending Sakimori Academy who have been specially modified into Homo Sapien Novus.