Impact Booster
Name Impact Booster
Nation of Origin New JIOR
Pilot None / Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Unit Type Unmanned Valvrave Support Drone
Armament Hard Afterglow
3 x Heat Cartridge
First Appearance
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The Impact Booster is an AI-driven, bird-like support mecha for the Valvraves, and is modeled after the three-legged bird depicted on the Valvrave's themselves. It was created by New JIOR from data left behind on Module 77.

Takumi Kibukawa, who was presumably involved in their creation, refers to these as a familiar. Like the familiar spirit of folklore, the Impact Booster is meant to expand the capabilities of the Valvrave with both it's ability to conjure Hard Afterglow and control over it's Heat Level.

The red "veins" that run along the entirety of the Impact Booster are conduits for the energy it receives from the Valvrave. The default color of Hard Afterglow emitted by the Impact Booster is red like that of the Valvrave I and it's Full Impact Mode, unless it is equipped by a Valvrave that conjures Hard Afterglow of a differing color.


The Impact Booster also has the ability to generate laser-like beams of Hard Afterglow for offense and a protective shield for defense, showing that it can manipulate this energy to a certain extent like the Valvraves.
The Impact Booster has the ability to generate energy similar to Valvrave I's Harakiri Blade but on a much smaller scale, in a punching or kicking attack. This attack renders material to a molten state, utterly destroying Ideal units, Kirschbaums and cause heavy damage to space warships like the Walkit-class Heavy Space Cruiser. Using this attack appears to cause enough heat to completely use up one of the Heat Cartridges shortly after.
  • Heat Cartridge
The tail of the Impact Booster consists of up to three corrugated Heat Cartridges, which the waste heat of a Valvrave is channeled into which are then ejected when they glow yellow and apparently at the limit of their ability to absorb heat. The Impact Booster contains up to three of these cartridges.

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Handshake
By having the Impact Booster connect one Valvrave to another via a "handshake" it is possible to "average" the amount of heat (Thermal Equilibrium) of both Valvraves, resulting in a lower heat level for both Valvraves and allowing them to operate longer.


  • The attack that uses the same energy as the Harakiri Blade have a very clear resemblance to the iconic Rider Punch and Rider Kick from the Kamen Rider franchise. It is also similar to the GF13-017NJII God Gundam's (known as Burning Gundam in the US) Bakunetsu God Finger/Erupting Burning Finger.
  • The RM-011(FI) Valvrave I Full Impact Mode is the only Valvrave to have an Impact Booster on all of its limbs.
  • When it stands on it's wing fingers it resembles a Spider.

External LinksEdit

Impact Booster on Official Site

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