Bull-Head Mech
Name Bull-Head Mech
Pilot Unnamed old man
Armament 4 x 2-Barreled Beam Guns
2 x Wing Beam Cannons
2 x Chest Beam Weapons
First Appearance
Anime Haruto Under the Rubble
Image Gallery

Although it's true name is currently unknown, the Bull-Head Mech is a mech seen battling Saki Rukino and her RM-047 Valvrave IV Hinowa in an asteroid field by an unknown gas giant in the 214th year of the Third Galactic Empire; It is piloted by the Unnamed old man. It appears to be a descendant of the Erpf129-z5 Kirschbaum as it has a similar basic structure and comparable transformation system.


All of the Bull-headed mech's weapons fire a beam fire a similar to that found on the Waffe's Duquennoy Beam Cannon.

  • 2-Barreled Beam Guns
The feet and "hands" of the mecha are two barreled beam guns.
  • Wing Beam Cannons
On both of the wings are long barreled beam weapons.
  • Chest Beam Weapons
A pair of eye-like beam cannons that need a few moments to charge before firing, it is likely the mech's most powerful weapon.

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Transformation System
Like the Erpf-129-z5 Kirschbaum it has a transformation system, unlike the older primate frame the Bull-Head Mech does not do a vertical spin to transform and is seen using it's chest beam weapon in it's respective fighter mode.

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