Beyond 666
2-gg- Valvrave the Liberator
Season 1, Episode 02
Title Beyond 666
666 o Koete
Episode Information
Air date April 19, 2013
Written by Ichirō Ōkouchi
Directed by Masato Jinbo
Opening Song Preserved Roses
Ending Song Boku janai
Episode guide
The Revolutionary Transfer Student
L-elf's Prophecy

Beyond 666 (666を超えて 666 o Koete?) is the 2nd episode of season 1 of Kakumeiki Valvrave. It first aired on April 19, 2013.


Enraged by his loss, Haruto uses the Valvrave to seek vengenance against the Dorssian Military. But an equally furious A-drie stands up against the attack and quickly overwhelms the inexperienced fighter.[1]


Kyuma InuzukaAina Sakurai and Saki Rukino arrive at the Valvrave's location to find an unconscious Haruto and L-elf. As the other Dorssian agents arrive, L-elf seemingly betrays his comrades and helps the students flee. Afterwards, as the Dorssian forces occupy Module 77, Haruto convinces his friends that he had somehow possessed L-elf's body and later retakes the Valvrave, while he also managing to return to his own body with help from Saki. As the Valvrave activates and attacks the nearby the Dorssian ship, it finds itself knocked outside of the Module into space. A-drei and Q-vier then use Dorssia Ideal Mechs to attack the Valvrave 01 whilst believing that L-elf betrayed them. Demanding answers from Haruto, L-elf takes Saki hostage, but Haruto ignores him when he unbelievably receives a call from Shōko and learns of her survival. The Valvrave 01 soon overheats but the heat limiter changes from 100 to 666—which L-elf deduces would unlock the Valvrave's true power. Sure enough, as the gauge reaches its limit due to A-drei's onslaught, the Valvrave 01 activates its Harakiri Blade and defeats A-drei's Ideal. Soon after, the Dorssians are repelled by incoming ARUS battleships and Haruto and his friends reunite on Module 77. Finally, Haruto chooses not to confess to Shōko, tearfully believing that the monster he has become has no right to happiness.



Appearance Character
1 L-elf
2 Haruto Tokishima
3 Aina Sakurai
4 Kyuma Inuzuka
5 Saki Rukino
6 H-neun
7 A-drei
8 X-eins
9 Q-vier
10 Raizo Yamada
11 Rion Nanami
12 Marie Nobi
13 Midori Akaishi
14 Iori Kitagawa
15 Satomi Renbokoji
16 Youhei Onai
17 Kriemhild
18 Cain Dressel
19 Shoko Sashinami
20 Takumi Kibukawa


Appearance Mecha
1 RM-011 Valvrave I Hito
2 Nw507Un Unmanned Waffe
3 Nw507Be Waffe
4 Walkit-class Heavy Space Cruiser
5 Er114 Ideal-class Mechanized Annihilator
6 ARUS space cruiser


"I win again, Lieselotte."

— L-Elf

"What's the meaning of this L-elf?"
"Why do you point your gun at us?"

— A-drei

"Why did you help us?" "Who are you?"

— Kyuma

"I'm...Haruto. I don't known why I'm in this body. But I'm Haruto."

— Haruto in L-elf's body

"You killed them?"

— Kyuma

"I shouldn't have? We are at war, if you haven't realized. They killed Shoko. Did they expect me not to answer in kind? You should stay here. Things are about to get ugly. I must avenge her...I will avenge her"

— Haruto in L-elf's body

"Just repeat the steps that caused the switch." "That's how it works in the movie."

— Saki

"I'm...I'm back in my own body!" "So we are back to normal?"

— Haruto

"Why are you alive?"

— L-Elf



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