~A-Drei’s Personal Enrolment~
Kanji ~アードライの体験入学~
Romaji ~A-Drei no Taiken Nyuugaku~
Author Nekokurage
Book Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic
chapter 7 chapter 9

~A-Drei’s Personal Enrolment~ (~A-Drei no Taiken Nyuugaku~ アードライの体験入学~) is the eighth chapter of Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic. He written and illustrated by Nekokurage.

Characters in Order of AppearenceEdit


A-drei is jealous of L-elf being at a seemingly fun place after seeing the New JIOR viral music video so he and the rest of the team show up in Sakimori wearing the school uniform. A-Drei is shocked at the thought of L-Elf making friends after a comment by Q-vier. X-eins says it’s natural that he’d have friends after being in school and A-Drei asks him if he could also become L-Elf’s friend if he attended school. Haruto and gang look at him in bewilderment and L-Elf explains how A-Drei has no idea of what a commoner’s school is like due to his Karlstein upbringing.

Shoko and Marie volunteer to give A-Drei a tour, which he agrees to only after L-Elf says that he would be able to understand his feelings that way. Haruto knows that it was just and excuse for him to get A-Drei out of his hair. The tour starts with a visit to Rion at the pool where only H-neun is delighted by Rion’s figure. Next is the home ec room where A-Drei meets Shoko’s hell spawn cooking and sweet bean jelly. He tries to get the recipe of the latter once he hears that L-Elf likes it but is stopped by Kyuma because it would mean less profit for them if the recipe ever got out. A-Drei starts shooting at him and Thunder barges in in response.

Shoko introduces him to A-Drei and the usual “My name is Thunder!” leads to A-Drei learning about nicknames and wanting L-Elf to give him one. L-Elf predicted this and immediately presents him with a list of nicknames, “Dora-chan” being L-Elf’s recommendation. Q-Vier, H-Neun and X-Eins expect “Dora-chan” to snap at his nickname but he actually likes it (In fact, he wants to frame the list L-Elf made). Q-Vier tells him that he should graduate from his obsession over L-Elf which prompts L-Elf to come up with the idea that A-Drei should come back after he has graduated (from his obsession over him). H-Neun jokes that L-Elf meant he would become his right hand man after he goes through a graduation ceremony and A-Drei ends up believing him.

Cue episode 12 of the anime where Cain says it is time for a graduation ceremony, much to A-Drei’s delight.

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