Midnight Strange
Kanji 真夜中の異邦人
Romaji Mayonaka no Ihoujin
Author Toboso Yana
Book Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic
chapter 1 chapter 3

Midnight Strange (Mayonaka no Ihoujin 真夜中の異邦人) is the second chapter of Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic. He written and illustrated by Toboso Yana.

Characters in Order of AppearenceEdit


L-elf wakes up in the middle of the night to find Haruto sleeping uncovered and oputs a blanket over him so that he does not catch a cold. Haruto later wakes up, sees that L-Elf's isn't using his blanket and tries to cover him only to get slammed into the bed with a gun to his face by an ever cautious L-Elf.

He assures him that he only wanted to make sure he wasn't cold to which L-Elf explains that he had his blanket off because he felt warm unlike Haruto who is closer to the air conditioner. Haruto tells him that he could've turned the air con up but wonders if the reason L-Elf didn't do that was because he would be feeling colder in return. They both go back to sleep thinking of the other as a weirdo.

The next day the room is sweltering. L-Elf asks Haruto why he turned the air conditioner off and Haruto replies that he wanted to evenly share the heat L-Elf was feeling.

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