The One Man Army and His Merry Companions
Kanji 一人旅団とたのしい仲間たち
Romaji Hitori Ryoudan to Tanoshii Nakama-tachi
Author Hiro Katsusaki
Book Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic
chapter 12 chapter 14

The One Man Army and His Merry Companions (Hitori Ryoudan to Tanoshii Nakama-tachi 一人旅団とたのしい仲間たち) is the thirteenth chapter of Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic. He written and illustrated by Hiro Katsusaki .

Characters in Order of AppearenceEdit


Haruto and Saki talk about L-elf ’s nickname and ask him to teach them how to travel alone (The kanji for One Man Army can be read as Solitary Traveller), to which he retorts that his nickname does not mean that. Saki wants to have a second name like that, such as ____ Idol. Haruto suggests things to put before idol like “cursed” or “immortal” but Saki wants something that reflects her true abilities. L-Elf tells her that nicknames like that will naturally be given over time and that even he did not have that name from the beginning. Haruto then comments on how L-Elf must’ve had a time where he was called S-Elf and M-Elf and asks him when he will be called XL-Elf.

They move on to discussing a nickname for Haruto. Saki comments on how he’s the only one that gets marks that look like grilled steak on his face. They talk about Haruto’s sweet personality and the first time he met L-Elf, how he was known to them as “Ham Egg” before they knew his name and “Ham-Elf” after they found out. Saki tells them that they make a surprisingly good combo and Haruto bring out his coffee and sugar analogy again. The final punchline comes when Saki says they’re like a lunch set together (steak + ham & eggs).

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