Idol in Haruto
Kanji アイドル・イン・ハルト
Romaji Idol in Haruto
Author Michiru Katou
Book Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic
chapter 10 chapter 12

Idol in Haruto (Idol in Haruto アイドル・イン・ハルト) is the eleventh chapter of Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic. He written and illustrated by Michiru Katou .

Characters in Order of AppearenceEdit


Takes place during episode 6. Saki’s having a blast using |Haruto’s body and skips off after the pocky incident with Takahi. Akira sees ‘Haruto’ geefully exiting the girl’s toilet and reports him as a pervert to Satomi. ‘Haruto’ goes around doing a few more things before gloating on the rooftop where he’s confronted by Satomi who starts lecturing him. Saki tries to shut him up by pulling the pocky move on him. Satomi begins to suspect that this isn’t Haruto but is interrupted by Takahi barging in and an argument ensues. The next day Haruto has to deal with them both as Saki feigns ignorance.

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