Kanji おにごっこ!
Romaji Onigokko!
Author Yuuki Ohta
Book Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic
← N/A chapter 2
Tag! (Onigokko! おにごっこ!?) is the first chapter of Kakumeiki Valvrave Anthology Comic. He written and illustrated by Yuuki Ohta.

Characters in Order of AppearenceEdit


The Sakimori students decide to play Tag but L-elf refuses to participate. Shoko tries to bribe him with ham & eggs but he still refuses... unless they throw in some sweet bean jelly as well. They decide who gets to be 'it' through Rock Paper Scissors. L-Elf claims to be unbeatable in it while making a V sign and loses because everyone figured they had to go with Rock.

The game starts and everyone learns that you do not make the One Man army 'it' in Tag. Meanwhile a jealous A-Drei watches them from the bushes and decides to join in while hiding his identity... with a bucket over his head. L-Elf gives chase and A-drei is delighted over how he must be focusing his thoughts on catching him but in reality L-Elf's mpstly thinking of the bean jelly.

He catches Bucket-Drei but says that it didn't count because he was out of bounds (they limited the game to the running track) and gives him ten seconds to escape. A-Drei realises that he figured out who he was from grabbing his wrist and was letting him get away. He has a flashback of L-Elf telling him that he was always bad at escaping as he regroups with the rest of the Karlstein team. Haruto asks L-Elf if he should chase after the bucket guy but he says to ignore him.

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