Aina Sakurai
Aina main
Name Aina Sakurai
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 15-16 (Season 1)
Birth Date April 28th

0056 (T.C.)

Died 0071 (T.C.)
Status Killed in Action
Year First year
Student ID C0076
Blood Type AB
Species Homo Sapiens Novus (Unactivated)
Height 155cm
Love Interests Haruto Tokishima
Nationality JIOR
Affiliation JIOR
Sakimori Academy
Module 77
Occupation Student
First Appearance
Manga Kakumeiki Valvrave (Manga)
Anime The Revolutionary Transfer Student
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Ai Kayano
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Aina Sakurai (櫻井 アイナ Sakurai Aina?) was a very caring but an extremely shy freshman at Sakimori Academy. She was able to connect with Saki who usually likes to isolate herself from all of the other students.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Aina is a sweet and caring student, but she's also very shy.


Saki RukinoEdit

Aina was Saki's only friend. Aina treated her like a normal person instead of a famous idol. Saki deeply cares for Aina and values their friendship. This is shown when Saki protected her during the first Dorssian invasion and thanked her for her kindness later on.

Kyuma InuzukaEdit

Kyuma and Aina were close friends. They were always together and they were often mistaken for a couple. Although Kyuma did have feelings for Aina, it is implied that she did not feel the same, but she is shown to cherish him since she saved his life by telling him to live on.

Haruto TokishimaEdit

Haruto and Aina were friends. It is hinted that Aina did have feelings for Haruto shown when she always tried to make him feel better about his powers and held his hand (and blushed afterwards). Although Haruto did not feel the same way, he was grateful for her kindness.


Aina became friends with Saki Rukino. This is because she always treated her like a normal person instead of a famous idol. She was also close friends with Haruto Tokishima and Shoko Sashinami but her closest friend of all was Kyuma Inuzuka.

Dorssian Occupation of JIOREdit

In year 71 of the True Calendar, she and Kyuma cheer on Haruto in his eating contest with Shoko. Walking with Kyuma, they encounter several transfer students (who are in fact child soldiers from Dorssia sent to infilitrate JIOR), H-Neun approaches her and says he likes her skirt to which X-Eins tells him to step aside and let him do the talking.

When the other Dorssian forces came in with the Waffe mecha, she, Kyuma, Haruto and Shoko encounter a robot being activated, it is Valvrave I, one of JIOR's secret weapons. (Season 1: "The Revolutionary Transfer Student")

L-Elf's TakeoverEdit

During L-Elf's takeover of the school, she is with Haruto in the hangar by Valvrave I discussing Saki who wanted to help Shoko cook, Aina says Saki it was her way of saying tanks and that she is a honest person, people who can say "thanks" are good at heart according to Aina even if they are a "holy spirit", Haruto assumes she means his ability to possess people but Aina actualy means Haruto is a deity of sorts and that one visited him. His immortality, ability to control others and ace piloting skills, to Aina, only a god could do those things, Haruto appreciates it as he thinks it's better than being a "Monster".


Q-Vier's Waffe kills Aina.

While Haruto and L-Elf confront A-Drei in front of the Valvrave, Aina hides behind a pillar next to the catapults that launches the Valveraves into space. She sees the wounds on Haruto but suddenly, a Waffe appears, it is Q-Vier, who creates an explosion that kills Aina. After the Valvraves defeat the Dorssian forces, Kyuma discovers Haruto's injured body (who switched bodies at L-Elf's request) and he decides to call Aina, he hears the phone floating and turns around to see her dead body floating as well. (Season 1: "The Revolutionary Transfer Student")

Aina's death influenced Inuzuka to pilot a Valvrave and fight the Dorssia Army. When Inuzuka faced the enemy's main weapon beam, her spirit came at a critical moment and told him not to come to her place (asked Inuzuka to live on).

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